Quality Assurance


The Quality Policy of PCI is based on customer satisfaction. Using our goal deployment methodology paired with a risk based thinking approach, our team constantly works to achieve the objectives determined by top management and any interested parties. Our Quality Management System in place is AS 9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015.

The context and objectives of the organization are tied closely with the interested parties that influence our actions, decisions and outcomes of our products and services. It is our goal to ensure we are supplying the products and services that meet or exceed our customers' requirements and that of all interested parties.


Ongoing checks during production catch product defects and errors before they happen.

During production, our technicians and supervisors inspect materials and parts on line as part of our process to catch problems before the next step. Consequently, PCI reduces percentage of defective components per production run as well as wasted time and material.

Final inspection of components ensures PCI produces parts to client specifications.

When PCI makes composite components for applications that require strict tolerances, we check every finished product against design specifications and protocols defined in the project documentation. PCI components pass through a thorough final inspection for dimensional verification, structural integrity and material performance according to the reference design.