In 2018, PCI moved to a new 29,000 ft² facility at 20 Fasken Drive in Toronto, next to Toronto Pearson International Airport. Considerably larger than our previous shop, our recent expansion has positioned PCI to take on bigger projects with greater scale.

In addition to the larger footprint, other improvements include a 3,000 ft² clean room, inventory control zones, a walk-in freezer, and a 5-ton overhead crane.


Filament Winding


Lead by Gordon Cook, Partner and Chief Engineering Officer, PCI has expanded its winding capabilities to better meet the needs of clients and increase flexibility in design and manufacturing. 


PCI Hydra 24

PCI R&D has designed and constructed a custom filament winder with a fully customizable and versatile winder head. This machine was developed to be routinely re-configured for specific job requirements.  Hydra 24 also has the capability to run two winder heads at the same time on the same machine, servicing two separate jobs simultaneously.


Filament Winding Spec

Layup: From 0 unidirectional through low and high angle geometry, customizable filament tension

Mandrel Size: Ø 0.25’’ to Ø 29.00’’ Max

Mandrel Length: Up to 24 feet

Mandrel Shapes: Circular, Ovoid, Square, Rectangular, Hexagonal, Polygonal

Materials: Carbon, Glass, Aramid, Pre-preg (wet or dry)


Small Diameter Winder

PCI's original winder was designed for production of tubes up to 12 feet long.

This winder is equipped with an automatic tension system and winder head which allows for a fully customizable layup in a wide variety of geometries. 

Materials: Pre-preg (wet or dry)


Design & Drafting

Solidworks, Autodesk, CATIA and Rhino


External Technical Partners

Extensive Partnerships with local businesses in Toronto and the surrounding areas allow us to constantly expand our capabilities and knowledge base. All partners are at minimum ISO9001:2008 certified and subject to a yearly audit.

Capabilities include:

- Multiple 5-Axis CNC
- Autoclave
- Wire, Sink, & Drill EDM (NADCAP Certified)
- CNC Turning
- Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)



Prepreg fabric lamination

VARTM (Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding)

Wet lamination


Fabrication, Assembly, Finishing


Segregated area for all trim and abrasive work applications

Full dust extraction system

Negative pressurized room

Trimming, fairing & paint preparation, assembly


Oven Curing

Maximum cure temperature: 300°F

Thermocouples: 8 - full Temperature logging 

Additional configurations available for high-temp applications up to 480°F


3 Axis CNC Router

4' x 8' bed x 11" Z travel

Used to prototype and panel cut jigs and tooling in house for smaller smaller assemblies and shorter lead time projects.

Materials: Carbon, Glass, MDF, Tooling Board, Aluminium