Paterson Composites Inc. pushes the boundaries of composites fabrication for innovative products with clients at the cutting edge of aerospace, defense, medical, and marine industries.

Our priorities align with the acronym of Paterson Composites Inc.

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From ultra-light racing catamarans to UAVs and super cars, PCI has a more than a decade of experience designing, testing and producing high performance and high quality components to fully finished, assembled products ready for their specific application.



We methodically scope and execute our projects with quality and consistency. Our Quality Management System in place is AS 9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our facility and processes are aligned so projects exceed customer expectations.



A core competency of PCI, innovative minds work to design, iterate and prototype solutions and processes for any project. From tooling to production methods and custom built machines, at PCI we continually research and develop to expand our capabilities.

Projects by Industry

PCI has experience across multiple industries.

PCI has in-house capabilities to handle just about any custom project. We specialize in fabricating components from high strength advanced composite materials. From concept to completion, PCI can realize anything from high performance yachts to commercial and consumer product designs.

Aerovelo Eta


World Record Holder Human Powered Vehicle